Safety Committee

2021 Safety Committee

The safety committee has been busy getting first aid kits, establishing safety training platforms, and capturing data for metrics. Most importantly, they have established the Health, Safety & Environmental guidelines by which the Galveston Wharves will conduct business.

I.        Policy

The Galveston Wharves will conduct its business in a manner that prevents incidents or accidents which cause loss of life, bodily injury or illness, or damage to property, assets or the environment. 

 II.      Principles

The Galveston Wharves will deliver on its Health, Safety and Environmental commitment by:

•        Advising all employees, users and contractors of their responsibilities and regularly measure their performance;

•        Evaluating, identifying and eliminating or managing safety risks prior to beginning any operation or activity and continue to review such risks, complying with all applicable laws and regulations;

•        Training employees and providing resources to maintain job competencies and increase awareness;

•        Operating and maintaining Galveston Wharves facilities to assure safe operations;

•        Ensuring that contractors, suppliers, and users adhere to the Galveston Wharves policies, procedures and goals;

•        Engaging and collaborating with our stakeholders to identify, assess, monitor, manage and prevent foreseeable Health, Safety, and Environmental risks in connection with our activities.

•        Preparing for emergencies and other contingencies and respond promptly and effectively to any incidents or accidents resulting from operations;

•        Reporting all incidents, reviewing performance, and communicating progress;

•        Promoting off-the-job safety and community awareness, and

•        Reviewing and improving the Galveston Wharves HS&E program and performance continuously.


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