Port Operations

Galveston Wharves

Except Holidays

The public agency that operates the public port is officially known as the Board of Trustees of the Galveston Wharves, so designated by the City Charter as set forth and adopted on October 17, 1940. The wharf and terminal properties purchased by the City of Galveston were set apart and designated as a separate utility of the city - thus the name "Galveston Wharves."

Wharf Company

Prior to the city purchasing the wharf and terminal properties located on the eastern side of Galveston Island, private interests known as the Galveston Wharf Company controlled the port facilities - thus the name "Wharf Company," which is referenced by many today.

Port of Galveston

In the maritime and transportation industries, Galveston's port authority is known as the "Port of Galveston." Most ports today are known as "Port of ..." whether they are municipally owned, state owned, or controlled by a navigation district.